Restore & Relax Afternoon Mum Retreat

Mum retreat afternoons are all about your gentle recharge. Release, restore, relax & enjoy in complete comfort. Everything a Mum needs on a precious Saturday afternoon off...

'You can't pour from an empty cup'- Motherhood can be all encompassing and sometimes being a good Mum means taking a step back for some truly well deserved self care. The afternoon is specially designed for Mums dreaming of some true space and rejuvenation time. This is a time dedicated to your wellbeing. Just find a willing babysitter and look forward to a luxuriously chilled time with other lovely Mums.

What will my restore & relax afternoon consist of?

  • Welcome drink while you settle in to the rural glass fronted studio space at 2pm.

  • Enjoy gentle restorative Yoga based movements to release off tight muscles, gently encourage some engagement with your core and pelvic floor and some nourishing deep breathing practices.

  • Head in to the cosy farmhouse lounge to chill, chat and replenish by the roaring fire. You’ll be given your own wolly socks while you enjoy a warming drink and some yummy snacks. This is a time to check in with babies if you want to and express for those who need to.

  • The lounge and studio overlook the hot tub which will be bubbling away during good weather periods for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in some hot bubbly water (an entirely voluntary option!).

  • Once everyone is well replenished, we'll head back to the studio with cosy socks, pillows and fleece blankets for the ultimate in deep relaxation guided by Kim.

  • By 4.30pm you'll be feeling like a new woman and ready to head back to life as a lovely newly replenished Mum :)

Retreat price including refreshments & your cosy socks: £38. All Mums very welcome. To book or express an interest in future Mum retreats, please contact Kim via the online form below or directly at Private retreats for groups of Mum friends also available on limited dates. Any questions, feel free to ask anytime.  

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Yoga Nidra Relaxation
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In need of some relaxation at home?

This Yoga Nidra relaxation MP3 is recorded by instructor Dr Kim de Vocht. Download this deep relaxation practice to use at any time as a new Mum. A 15 minute 'time out' to help reduce stress and anxiety, and to promote better sleep (when you get a chance!).