Limited workshop availability during Spring/Summer 2019.

Birth Preparation Workshops

With Dr Kim de Vocht of Hannam Health

Pregnancy Yoga Instructor  |   Hypnobirthing Instructor  | Medical Researcher  |  Mum

Enjoy preparing for your positive, calm and confident birth experience.

Expertly designed birth preparation at our idyllic rural studio that brings together the best aspects of Hypnobirthing, Active Birthing and up to date practical birthing knowledge. Kim will support you in feeling confident, calm and well informed with the need-to-know information to support a more positive birth experience. 

Kim provides unique group birth preparation sessions around 4 times a year for mums only & sessions for mums with their birth partner. She also provides occasional private sessions for couples.


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Ready to prepare for your positive birth experience?

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What will we cover in the mum + birth partner session?

*Any birth partner is welcome. There is no uncomfortable role play or yoga in these sessions- I promise! Just the need-to-know info delivered in a relaxed environment*

  • The birth partners role

  • Understanding labour- what to expect (for both of you) at each stage

  • What I wish every parent-to-be knew about labour pain and how to naturally reduce it

  • The need-to-know hormones – how to use them to your advantage for an easier birth

  • Creating your ideal birth environment in different settings (including cesarean birth)

  • How to deal with decision making during birth

  • Practical guidance on how the birth partner can best support the mum physically, mentally & practically at each stage of labour and birth for a more positive experience.

What will we cover in the mums session?

  • Releasing later stage pregnancy aches & pains

  • Understanding labour- what to expect & how you might feel at each stage

  • What I wish every parent-to-be knew about labour pain and how to naturally reduce it

  • The need-to-know hormones – how to use them to your advantage for an easier birth

  • Creating your ideal birth environment in different settings

  • Signs your labour could be starting

  • Understanding your pelvis to birth well

  • Practical guidance on having an easier & more comfortable birth: Positions/movements, fundamental breath techniques, visualisations & affirmations for each stage of labour and birth.

  • Labour visualisation & deep relaxation practice

Who is the workshop for?

For mums / parents-to-be wanting to feel prepared for the practical side of giving birth more easily, comfortably and calmly. A small friendly group in our beautiful spacious studio with an expert instructor gives you the protected time and space to focus on you, your baby and your personal birth preparation. These workshops will best suit individuals who like the need-to-know information delivered in a logical, approachable and down to earth way, with clear notes to practice techniques at home in the lead up to birth.  

What is the aim of the workshop?

To fully equip you with the most up to date and practical knowledge on positive active birthing to build your confidence and feelings of calm to the point where you are looking forward to birthing your baby!

The birth of your baby is a major life event and one that you will remember forever. It is a natural and normal human emotion to feel anxious about any big event where you are unsure of what is about to happen... even more so if you do not understand the process or how best to approach it. By equipping yourself with the right practical knowledge you give yourself the best chance of a positive birthing experience.   

About Kim    

“It’s a genuine privilege to spend time helping women prepare for such a big event in their lives. The whole process of pregnancy and birth fascinates me; It never fails to amaze me how the right preparation to empower a woman with understanding and the subsequent control, confidence and calm that naturally follows can make such a profound difference for a positive birth experience.”

Dr Kim de Vocht, PhD BSc DipHb(KGH) has an extensive academic and practical background in pregnancy and birthing. Kim is a mum herself and is passionate about supporting women to have a more positive experience through pregnancy and birth in a down to earth, open and relaxed way.  


Having originally studied Medical Sciences (BSc, 1st class), Kim developed a keen interest in the human body, particularly surrounding pregnancy and birth. She gained practical experience of looking after women during their pregnancies, births and in the immediate postnatal period while working as a maternity care assistant in a Somerset NHS maternity unit. Kim went on to complete her academic Doctoral training in Maternal and Fetal Health at the University of Manchester and subsequently went on to lead research and teach at the University of Bristol. In a research capacity, Kim has authored 18 peer-reviewed academic publications and has presented on a range of topics at National and International Conferences.

Kim is a Yoga Alliance accredited Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and a trained Hypnobirthing Instructor with Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.    

Kim draws on her research background to provide women with the best and most up to date advice. Her practical experience and training combined with her passion for supporting women to have positive birthing experiences, ensures workshops are approachable, light-hearted and practical for everyone.   

What is included?

  • 3.5 hr (women’s workshop) / 2.5hr (mum + birth partner workshop) tuition from Dr Kim de Vocht in a small group setting (with plenty of toilet and refreshment breaks!)

  • Follow up questions (via email or phone) to Kim are very welcome up to the birth of your baby

  • Folder of key workshop notes to take away

  • Light refreshments throughout the workshop

  • MP3 Unique Labour Support Audio

  • Equipment to support you in feeling comfortable

  • Opportunity to meet other local mums-to-be / couples in a small group setting – closed Facebook group for continued contact and support

How can I book?

Limited places are available to be reserved for Workshops in Taunton and Bristol. To reserve your place for an advertised date or to register your interest in attending a Workshop or private session during your pregnancy, please contact Kim using the online form above or directly ( or 07825090352). Please feel free to ask any other questions.  

I truly believe every woman should participate in this workshop to prepare herself for what is to come. Very informative without feeling overloaded or overwhelmed. Kim left me feeling relaxed, ready and prepared for the final stages of my pregnancy and ready to welcome all the stages of labour and embrace birthing calmly, openly and mindfully. Thank you so much.
— Naomi, 27 weeks

Locations | Dates | Prices

Blagdon Hill Studio, Taunton, Somerset

Next Mum’s workshop date: TBC  

Mum’s Group Workshop Price: 3.5hours. £65. Reduced Price for previous attendees at any other True classes/workshops: £59 

Next mum & birth partner group workshop: May 11th, 2019. 10-12.30 (up to 1pm depending on questions)

Mum & birth partner group workshop price: 2.5-3 hours. £83. Reduced Price for previous attendees at any other True classes/workshops: £75

Private birth preparation session with your birth partner(s) available in Taunton & Bristol: Standard Session- 1.5hrs, £89. Specially requested longer session - 2.5hrs £125.

 Please contact Kim for availability.