Class Timetable

Spring Term 2019: Monday 7th January - Friday 12th April

Summer Term 2019: Monday 29th April - Monday 8th July

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Our classes run on a termly basis. However, you are very welcome to join us for the remainder of the term if classes have already started!

Class overviews

Fit for life: Sociable group exercise class to support and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. By Rosemary Hannam.

Aerobi-fit: Motivating and fun group exercise class offering total body conditioning by Rosemary Hannam. 

Studio cycling: Indoor cycling the provides highly effective cardiovascular training. By Rosemary Hannam & Malcolm Greenslade.

Weighted Workout: Strength and conditioning class using weights and body weight exercise, supports muscular tone and strength. By Rosemary Hannam.

Met-X: The latest science based total body workout suitable for everyone. By Richard Hannam.

Yoga: Improve muscle tone, flexibility and posture while fostering relaxation through moving the body in a flowing and mindful way. By Steph Leitner.

Pilates: Matt work and standing exercises to improve posture, strength, mobility and flexibility, protecting the body for life. By Rosemary Hannam.

Pregnancy Yoga: a friendly specialist class incorporating gentle and safe movements, birth preparation and Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques to prepare for a calm and confident upcoming birth. By Dr Kim de Vocht.

Salsa Dancing: Have fun and get fit learning this exhilarating and vibrant dance class. No dance experience or partner required. By Martin Travers.

Healthy Lifestyle Programme: optimizing key areas of life proven to improve chronic conditions – such as heart disease and diabetes. Simple choices yet powerful results to improve health and wellbeing delivered in a small consistent group, delivered by health and wellbeing professional Richard Hannam.

Class Prices

Summer Term 2019: Monday 29th April - Monday 8th July

To ensure that you find the right class for you, you are welcome to try the first two classes on a pay as you go basis.

At Hannam Health we want you to maintain your regular exercise! If you miss a class, you are welcome to catch it up by attending any other class on the program subject to availability (for example, if you are on holiday for a week, you can attend two classes the following week.)    

Fees are payable at the beginning of each term/block

Fees are payable at the beginning of each term/block

Details for the Summer Term…

Spring term Classes end on Friday, 12 April.

Classes return on Monday, 29 April.  There are no classes on Monday, 6 May (May Day) and Monday 27 May until Friday, 31 May inclusive (Half term) however there will be a Met X class with Richard Hannam on Tuesday, 28 May at 7.15 pm. There will be no classes other than Studio Cycling at 10am & Pilates at 6pm on Monday, 10 June.  Term ends on Monday, 8 July making it a 9 week term.

Experienced trainer & physiologist Richard Hannam will be covering classes from Monday, 13 May until Wednesday, 12 June inclusive.

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