Pregnancy Yoga

With Dr Kim de Vocht of Hannam Health

Pregnancy Yoga Instructor  |   Hypnobirthing Instructor  | Medical Researcher  |  Mum

Pregnancy Yoga with Kim at the Blagdon studio, Taunton, is a friendly specialist class incorporating gentle and safe movements, birth preparation and Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques to help you enjoy your pregnancy at every stage and prepare yourself for a calm and confident upcoming birth.

The class is tailored so that anyone can safely enjoy the class, regardless of previous exercise/yoga experience or stage of pregnancy- from 13 weeks up to the birth of your baby! The custom designed rural studio space is the perfect setting for you to take some time out to tune in with your newly changing body in a small friendly group.

Join us on Wednesday evenings 5.45-7pm or 7.30-8.45pm.

Current Block: March 27th - May 1st (Break week on 24th April).

Next Block: There is a scheduled break from classes during May/June. Bookings not currently being taken.

Classes run in blocks of 5 consecutive weeks for £45.

Missed the start of a block but keen to join? Do get in touch about when a space may be available.

Ready to feel calm, confident & positive about giving birth?

Any questions or to book your place, please complete the online form or contact Kim at / 07825090352

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Audios to enjoy at home

Yoga Nidra Relaxation
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Deep relaxation in the comfort of your own home

Yoga Nidra Relaxation MP3 recording by Dr Kim de Vocht for your deep relaxation practice any time you need it throughout your Pregnancy. A 15 minute 'time out' to help reduce stress and anxiety, and to promote better sleep.

"The relaxation audio helped so much when I was struggling to sleep in later pregnancy and I even still use it now I have him!" Baby boy, May '18

Labour Support Audio
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Calm & positive audio support for your labour

A unique labour support audio MP3 by Dr Kim de Vocht (approx 20mins). The perfect companion to your birth to remind you of calming breath techniques, visualisations, positive affirmations & movements.

 "I don’t think I would have coped without the labour audio support (listened to on repeat whilst in the bath!) and the breathing techniques." Baby girl, August '18

Pregnancy Yoga class frequently asked questions

Will yoga in pregnancy really help me and my baby?

Most mums to be will be recommended by their healthcare professional to participate in gentle exercise throughout their pregnancy, and often to attend antenatal yoga specifically. There is abundant scientific evidence demonstrating the health benefits yoga can bring during pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. Research shows that reducing stress in pregnancy has positive effects on the early development of the baby which can even influence the long term health of the child. The benefits of yoga on mental health during pregnancy, as well as an association with reduced likelihood of postnatal depression, have also been demonstrated. Yoga can help with the common aches and pains of pregnancy, such as back pain, heartburn and headaches. We also know that maintaining gentle activity and practicing breath training can result in a shorter and more controlled labour.

I feel so tired; will yoga classes not just make this worse?

Women are advised to start pregnancy yoga after their first trimester (from 13 weeks), which is also likely to be the most exhausting phase of pregnancy. Energy levels will continually fluctuate throughout pregnancy; some days you will feel as you did on a good pre-pregnancy day and others will feel like you want to stay under the duvet. My yoga classes are designed to physically and mentally energise you. You will work within your personal comfort zone at all times and some classes you may want to push yourself more than others, depending on how you feel. Once you have made it to the class, you will almost always feel more refreshed by the end of it. The biggest challenge is the mental motivation to turn up rather than turn in to bed!   

Are there any risks of doing pregnancy yoga at any stage?

Pregnancy yoga is a time for you to take ownership of your pregnancy and practice, and work in a way that feels as being the best medicine for your body. All postures have been designed to be safe and beneficial for women in pregnancy.

Before your first class you will be provided with a health questionnaire in which you will be asked to specify any medical issues and health concerns. There will be an opportunity at the start of each class to share any injuries/ailments that arise during your pregnancy, or of course you are welcome to discuss this privately before or after the class with Kim.   

Your first class?

We aim to make everyone coming along to a Hannam Health class feel very welcome. Attending a new class can sometimes feel a bit daunting, particularly if you are new to yoga. Rest assured that most ladies who attend pregnancy yoga classes are trying it for the first time and often are experiencing their first pregnancy. It can also be a great opportunity to meet other local mums-to-be in a relaxed environment.

Classes are designed to ensure that all abilities- from a complete newbie to the yoga mat to a regular practicing yogini- can enjoy the session within their comfort zone, whatever stage of pregnancy you are at.

There is field/driveway parking outside the studio. A toilet is located within the studio for the regular bathroom trips required in pregnancy! Just come on in, find any mat and relax...

What should I wear?

Comfortable light clothing which you are able to move around freely in. Most people wear leggings or tracksuit bottoms. It can help to bring layers to ensure that you are the right temperature for different sections of the class. For example, you may want a jumper for the final relaxation section where you will be lying down.  Don’t worry about your footwear, yoga is best done without socks and shoes.   

What should I bring?

Equipment is provided. However, it is helpful if you bring along your own pillow for extra support, particularly during the relaxation section of the class. You may also like to bring along your own mat, blanket and/or exercise ball- anything that makes you feel more comfortable!

I'm looking for more birth preparation in addition to my yoga classes

We  have a comprehensive half day birth preparation workshop that takes place around every couple of months both in Blagdon Hill, Taunton and in Clifton, Bristol. Pregnancy Yoga class attendees receive a discounted booking price.

How do women feel about the classes post delivery?

I'll let the mums themselves answer this one... here's a selection from some of the messages that I love to receive post birth:

“Thank you so much for your amazing classes and guidance, that was by far the biggest influence on my amazingly straightforward labour, not to mention my lovely magical months of pregnancy. I loved coming to your classes, honestly was never a chore and always left feeling more confident and positive than I arrived. You are an absolute inspiration.” Baby boy, Oct ‘18 

“I used lots of the breathing and visualisation techniques you’d taught to deal with it all; I think otherwise I would have needed a lot more pain relief and intervention! Thank you so much for everything you taught me over the last few months; I found the classes so helpful and enjoyable during my pregnancy!” Baby boy, Oct ‘18

“The whole birthing experience was way better than last time - I feel extremely lucky and am so grateful I attended your wonderful classes as they made such a difference! Thank you SO much!” Baby boy, Sept ‘18

"I just wanted to say thank you so so much for all you taught me. I don’t think I would have coped without the labour audio support (listened to on repeat whilst in the bath!) and the breathing techniques.... thank you so much for your support with it all, it helped so much and we're now loving settling in as a little family." Baby girl, August '18   

"Kim I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and to say how much I loved your class and your birthing preparation workshop. I started my pregnancy yoga journey with you at 13 weeks coming each week until the week before the birth of my baby. I can honestly say it was the highlight of my week, Ieaving each Wednesday feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Each week more calm, confident and prepared for the birth of my baby... The most natural, empowering & euphoric experience and a day I will never forget. I honestly believe I owe much of my positive birthing experience to your class and the hypnobirthing educational material I studied throughout pregnancy. I can't highly recommend you enough." Baby boy, July '18

"I used everything you had taught me, and managed to birth our boy with no intervention or pain relief so I cannot thank you enough for everything!! Honestly having those tools in the bank that I knew I could use really helped me! I will really miss our yoga sessions" Baby boy, August '18

"I used the yoga and breathing throughout which was very helpful and reassuring and thank you to your wonderful classes which I enjoyed from start to finish. I would not hesitate in recommending you to anybody I know." Baby girl, June '18

"Thank you so much for your amazing classes, they really helped me relax during pregnancy and lots of your advice was going around my head during labour!" Baby Girl, July '18

"The yoga really helped, especially in early labour when I was still at home, breathing and visualisations really helped me manage the contractions, and the movements we practiced in the yoga class also helped me know what positions were best for my body to make labour progress.
Thank you so much for some great techniques you taught us in class. I really enjoyed every session!" Baby boy, April '18

"All my yoga and hypnobirthing came in such good use. Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my birth. I loved going to your class and will miss it dearly. I couldn’t recommend it more."  Baby girl, May '18

"I ended up using a lot of breathing techniques and hypnobirthing and had a very speedy and positive labour experience on Labour ward using gas and air to help along the way. Thanks very much for your support over the past few months - I always really enjoyed yoga when I made it along to the classes when working and it helped me prepare and relax in those last few weeks." Baby girl, May '18

"Thank you for your yoga classes, without a doubt the breathing techniques, positions and general advice helped me along during labour; will definitely be recommending you to others." Baby boy, Apr '18

"I had a super birth, the yoga definitely helped with that. It was all done and dusted quicker than a work day and a water birth. Thank you for such wonderful classes. I miss them!" Baby girl, Apr '18

"I went into gentle contractions after your yoga class... The next morning I went very quickly from 1cm dilated to stage two and only just made it to the labour ward. They ran the pool but she was born in about 10 minutes .. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support with the yoga and especially in the last tricky month! I was very active all the way through and breathing was fine in the end- your techniques really helped me feel calm and in control in the early stages which was really empowering." Baby girl, Feb '18

"A good delivery and went in fully dilated so all in all Labour was about 2.5 hrs, did lots of breathing methods  and managed to stay active throughout so a big thank you to you for all your helpful tips and great classes. I really have enjoyed coming and found it to be something I really have looked forward to every week. Thank you" Baby girl delivered Dec '17

"Managed to use the resting and hip rotation / leaning against the wall techniques for early labour and the breathing helped me all the way through right to the big push at the end! Thank you so much for introducing me the world of yoga it has been such a great help to me throughout my pregnancy and I am planning on keeping it up now as I really miss my weekly chill out and ‘me time’" Baby girl delivered Nov '17

"All natural, and went well. Thanks for all your classes, before joining you I was feeling really negative about the whole experience, however yoga managed to change my mindset and stayed chilled the whole time and the breathing made things so much easier!" Baby girl delivered Sept '17

How much are classes and how can I book?

Block of 5 classes: £45. Classes run in consecutive weeks & are non refundable or transferable unless under exceptional circumstances.

Drop in class: £10 (if space available)

Payment is through online transfer or cash.

You can book your class with Kim by text, call or email (07825090352/

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